Handouts and Resources

 for Participants and Attendees at the 

LCLS Session

July 30, 2003


Thank you for your response to the QueSPER Program.  Below is an outline of the activities and areas covered in the two sessions given at the ISLMA Conference in November and the LCLS session in July. 

If there is something you do not see or would like to know more about, you can contact me at caroljfox@insightbb.com.  

The workshops were presented to help individual librarians and teachers in individual schools.  You, as participants in the ISLMA and LCLS workshops or sessions, have my permission to use these ideas for educational purposes. 

 If you wish to write a local or regional grant to purchase materials shown in the workshop, you have my permission.  However, I reserve the right to use the Quesper program in state, national, district and competitive grants for districts where I am employed. 

The materials on this site are copyrighted. The QueSPER name is under trademark protection.

Carol Fox





1. THE ALPHA THING (how alphabetical order really works)

          2.   QueSPER

          3.   SMILKA

          4.   DEAR HEART

          5.   Sam, Sam the Index Man

          6.   The Seven Curious Cats

1.   Teddy Bear Orientation for Kindergarten

2.    Dewey Game

3.    Category Game using Dewey Categories

4.    Fishing Game for Matching Author, Number, and Title

5.    Color Codes for Intermediate Nonfiction

6.    Frog Toss Game using Dewey Numbers (See Resource Page)

1. The Between Game 

2. Fish for Words Game

3. Categorize Food Words


           1.    QUESPER Plan and Note-taking for Grade Three (Sample)

           2.    Topic is: History of Indians of North America

  1. Knowledge, Skills and Strategies K-5 Scope and Sequence    
  2. Resource Page    
  3. Teacher / LMC Director Planning Template
  4. Sample End of Year Assessment - Grade 3

  Carol J. Fox, 2002