Water Birds

Birds of Prey

Flightless Birds

Song Birds

Game Birds

Tropical Birds


bulletSelect a bird from among the replicas or picture cards. Match it to the picture online. Then print and color the animal printout.
bulletUse a worksheet to identify types and names of various birds.
bulletSelect an animal for research. Use a research template for your grade level to begin your work.
bullet Lesson Comparing Rhea and Ostrich                (PBS )(Excellent for Grade 4 up)
bulletBirds Worksheet 1: (Water birds, Birds of prey, Flightless birds)
bulletBirds Worksheet 2: (Song birds, Game birds, Tropical birds)
bullet Research Template Grade K-1
bullet Research Template Grade 2-3
bullet Research Notetaking Template Grade 4-6
bulletBird Questions

Prepared 8/04/2006

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