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Native Americans of North America

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 Biographies of Notable Native Americans

The Great Chiefs

Big Foot (??-1890) --leader of the Miniconjou band massacred at Wounded Knee Creek in 1890.

Black Hawk (1767–1838) --Chief of Sauk tribe: leader of Sauk & Fox Indians in Black Hawk War.

Chief Joseph (1840-1904) --Nez Percé chief

Cochise (1812?-1874) Chief of  band of Chiricahua Apache

Crazy Horse (1849-1877) ---Oglala Sioux chief

Gall  (1840-1894)  --Sioux chief

Geronimo ( 1829-1909 ) Apache war leader

King Philip (1638-1676) Metacom - Leader of Pokanokets of the Wampanoag Confederation (Algonquian)

Massasoit (1580?-1662?)  --Sachem of Wampanoag Confederation


Pocahontas (circa 1595-1617) --Powhatan peacemaker


Popé (??-1692) --Pueblo medicine man

Powhatan  (1547-1618) --Powhatan chief

Red Cloud (1822-1909) --Oglala Sioux chief

Ross, John ( ) Cherokee

Sacajawea (1790?-1812 or 1884) --Shoshone interpreter and guide for Lewis and Clark Expedition

Sequoyah ( ) Cherokee Indian who invented Cherokee alphabet

Squanto (15??- 1622) Tisquantum -- Patuxet Wampanoag

Sitting Bull (1831-1890) --Sioux chief


Quanah Parker


Chief Black Hawk (1767-1838)

Photo credit: Portrait of " Ma-Ka-Tai-Me-She-Kia-Kiah" [Black Hawk] painted by Charles Bird King  in  McKenney, Thomas and Hall, James. History of the Indian Tribes of North America. 3 vol. 1836-1844.

Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project, 2002.

Black Hawk told his life story to his captures when he was taken prisoner by the United States government. His is one the few accounts of the Indian Wars told from a native American's perspective.


Squanto's name was Tisquantum in his native language. Through English pronunciation, he became Squanto. He was a Patuxet tribesman of the Wampanoag Confederation.

Squanto. [Photograph]. Retrieved July  2,  2007, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online:


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